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We are making continuing effort to improve Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler and Particle Image Velocimetory as well as applying these methods to a variety of flow fields where conventional techniques were impossible or invalid, targeting to clarify the essential flow characteristics in those configurations. Applying this method and the way of approach to solution, we select the research topics that will respond to industrial needs.

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Richard-san joins LFC member as Student of IAESTE Internship from Austria.

B4 students join LFC member Students

Ozaki received the Good Presentation Award in JSME Hokkaido Branch Student Meeting held in Kushiro.

Watamura received the Presentation Award in Symposim of Multi Phase Flow.

Ozaki received the Best Award in JSME 2013 12th Dreams of Flow Contest at Kyushu University.
Fujita received Ichiju Award in JSME 2013 12th Dreams of Flow Contest at Kyushu University.

Maria-san joined LFC member as HUSTEP student from Brazil.

Internship program
Yamauchi (to University of Warwick, UK)
Nakashima (to ETH Zürich, Schweiz)
Yonezawa (to Le Havre Univsersity, France)
Oda (to Imperial College London, UK)
Yamaguchi (to Helmholtz Center, German)
Sakamaki (to Strasbourg University, France)

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