Colloquium 2013

Date Speaker Institute Title
20/Dec./2013 Prof.S. Goto Osaka University Experiments and numerical simulation for flows in precessing sphere
/./ Emeritus Prof.Y.Takeda ETH Zurich, Switzerland Science and technology - discussion as an engineer

Colloquium 2012

Date Speaker Institute Title
27/Aug./2012 Dr.Jop Vlaskamp University of Dundee Taylor-Columns at high aspect ratio, numerical and experimental results
10/Oct./2012 Prof.Takeda Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Prof.Hosokawa Kobe University Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow

Colloquium 2011

Date Speaker Institute Title
Dr. T. Suzuki The Boeing Company, Seattle, USA PIV-DNS Hybrid algorithm -application of fluid informatics-
Dr. T. Suzuki The Boeing Company, Seattle, USA From technology to the Airplane:The Quiet Technology Demonstrators
Dr. M. Ichihara Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo, Japan Buku-Buku dynamics of air bubbles in active volcanos

Colloquium 2010

Date Speaker Institute Title
Prof. M. Yoda Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA Evanescent Wave-Based Paarticle Tracking Velocimetry

Colloquium 2009

Date Speaker Institute Title
Dr. S. Jeelani Senior scientist, ETH at Zurich, Switzerland Non-Newtonian fluid flow characteristics in elastic tubes

Colloquium 2008

Date Speaker Institute Title
Dr. P. Denisenko Lecturer, University of Warwick, UK Fluid dynamics of crayfish
Dr. I. Kumagai Research fellow University of Tokyo, Japan Delivery system in the Earth's mantle