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Kita 13 Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-8628, Japan
*A-Building(A5-35, A5-34, A5-70)
*J-Building(J102, J150)
*Wind Tunnel Laboratory

*Laboratory for Flow Control

*Department of Mechanical and Interigent System Engineering

*Faculty of Engineering & Graduate School of Engineering
*Division of Energy & Environmental Systems

Acess here

Nanboku line Subway is convenient. Get off at Kita 12-jo Station. Through Kita 13-jo gate, you can enter Hokkaido University and you will get to Faculty and Graduate School of Engineering in about 10 minutes. From Sapporo Station on foot, you will take approximately 20 minutes.


Room name Room No. Contact
Yuichi Murai A5-35, A-Building xx-81-11-706-6372
Yuji TASAKA A5-34, A-Building xx-81-11-706-6371
Hyun Jin PARK A5-70, A-Building xx-81-11-706-6373
Toshiyuki SAMPO J150, J-Building Technical Staff for LFC
Students J102, J-Building
Wind tunnel
Laboratory J150, J-Building
Wind tunnel Wind tunnel
Horizontal channel(6m)