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Members Assoc.Prof.Y.Murai

Effect of wall surface wettability on collective behavior ofhydrogen microbubbles rising along a wall
A.Kitagawa, Y.Murai, P.Denissenko
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol.80, pp.126-138 (2017)[LINK]

Rheological evaluation of complex fluids using ultrasonic spinning rheometry in an open container
T.Yoshida, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai
Journal of Rheology, Vol. 61, pp. 537-549 (2017)[LINK]

Effect of heated wall inclination on natual convection heat transfer in water with near-wall injection of millimeter-sized bubbles
A.Kitagawa, P.Denissenko, Y.Murai
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 113, pp.1200-1211(2017)[LINK]

Ultrasound flow-monitoring and flow-metering of air-oil-water three-layer pipe flows
J.Hitomi, Y.Murai, H.J.Park, Y.Tasaka
IEEE Access, Vol.5, No.1, pp. 15021-15029 (2017)[LINK]

Quantitative visualization of swirl and cloud bubbles in Couette-Taylor flow
B. van Ruymbeke, Y.Murai, Y.Tasaka, Y.Oishi, C.Gabillet, C.Colin, N.Latrache
Journal of Visualization, Vol. 20, pp. 349-358 (2017)[LINK]

Inner structure visualization of fresh fruits utilizing ultrasonic velocity profiler
T.Yoshida, Y.Tasaka, H.J.Park, Y.Murai, H.Teramura, S.Koseki
Journal of Visualization, Vol. 20, DOI: 10.1007/s12650-017-0457-z (2017)

混相流, Vol. 31, No.1, pp.20-28 (2017)

Rapid rheological characterization of a viscoelastic fluid based on spatiotemporal flow velocimetry
T.Shiratori, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol. 71, pp. 1-13 (2016)[LINK]

Oil mist transport process in a long pipeline on turbulent flow transition region
T.Takeuchi, J.Ohkubo, N.Yonezawa, Y.Oishi, I.Kumagai, Y.Tasaka, Y.Mura
International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol.87, pp.45-53(2016)[LINK]

Void waves propagating in the bubbly two-phase turbulent boundary layer beneath a flat-bottom model ship during drag reduction
H.Park, Y.Oishi, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai
Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 57, No. 178 (18p) (2016)[LINK]

Viscoelastic responses of flow driven by a permeable disk investigated by ultrasound velocity profiling technique
T.Nakashima, T.Shiratori, Y.Murai, Y.Tasaka, Y.Takeda, E.J.Windhab
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Vol.48, pp. 97-103 (2016)[LINK]

Effective viscosity measurement of interfacial bubble and particle layers at high volume fraction
Y. Murai, T. Shiratori, I. Kumagai, P. A. Ruehs, and P. Fischer
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Vol. 41, pp. 121-128 (2016)[LINK]

Extraction of 3D vortex structures from a turbulent puff in a pipe using two-color illumination and flakes
J.Ohkubo, Y.Tasaka, H-J.Park, Y.Murai
Journal of Visualization, Vo.19, pp.643-651 (2016) [LINK]

Estimating the effective viscosity of bubble suspensions in oscillatory shear flows by means of ultrasonic spinning rheometry
Y.Tasaka, T.Kimura, Y.Murai
Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 56: 1867(p13) (2015)[LINK]

A new power-saving device for air bubble generation using a hydrofoil for reducing ship drag: theory, experiments, and applications to ships
I.Kumagai, Y.Takahashi, Y.Murai
Ocean Engineering, Vol. 95, pp. 183-195 (2015)[LINK]

Drag reduction promoted by repetitive bubble injection in turbulent channel flows
H-J.Park, Y.Tasaka, Y.Oishi, Y.Murai
International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 75, pp. 12-25 (2015)[LINK]

Ultrasonic pulse echography for bubbles traveling in the proximity of a wall
H-J. Park, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai
Measurement Science and Technology, Vol. 26: 085302(2015)[LINK]

Ultrasonic velocity profiling rheometry based on a widened circular Couette flow
T.Shiratori, Y.Tasaka, Y.Oishi, Y.Murai
Measurement Science and Technology, Vol. 26: 085302 (2015)[LINK]

Frictional drag reduction by bubble injection (review)
Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 55, 1773 (p28) (2014)[LINK]

Pulsatory rise of microbubble swarm along a vertical wall
A.Kitagawa, Y.Murai
Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 116, pp.694-703 (2014)[LINK]

Vortical structures swept by a bubble swarm in turbulent boundary layers
H.J. Park, Y.Tasaka, Y.Oishi, Y.Murai
Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 116, pp.486-496(2014)[LINK]

Horizontal turbulent channel flow interacted by a single large bubble
Y. Oishi, Y.Murai
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol. 55, pp. 128-139 (2014)[LINK]

混相流, Vol. 27, No. 5, pp. 521-530 (2014)[LINK]

シリコンオイルによる水平チャネル内気泡流の摩擦抵抗特性 第1報 摩擦抵抗計測とゲイン評価
混相流, Vol. 28, No.1, pp. 71-80 (2014)[LINK]

シリコンオイルによる水平チャネル内気泡流の摩擦抵抗特性 第2報 壁面せん断応力の時間変動解析
混相流, Vol. 28, No.1, pp. 81-89 (2014)[LINK]

北川石英,奥 達明,大里拓也,村井祐一
日本機械学会論文集, Vol. 80, No. 811, p.TEP0044, pp.1-11(2014)[LINK]

Intensified and attenuated waves in a microbubble Taylor-Couette flow
T.Watamura, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai
Physics of Fluids, Vol. 25, No. 054107 (2013)[LINK]

Natural convection heat transfer from a vertical plate in water with microbubble injection
A.Kitagawa, Y.Murai
Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 99, pp. 215-224 (2013)[LINK]

Off-axis PIV for 3-D visualization of rotating columnar flows
Y.Murai, J.H.Vlaskamp, Y.Nambu, T.Yoshimoto, P.Denissenko, and P.J. Thomas
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol. 51, pp. 342-353 (2013)[LINK]

LCD-projector based 3D color PTV
T.Watamura, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Vol. 47, 2013, pp. 68?80 (2013)[LINK]

Development of ultrasonic visualizer for capturing characteristics of viscoelastic fluids (可視化情報学会論文賞受賞)
T.Shiratori, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai, Y.Takeda
Journal of Visualization, Vol. 16, pp. 275-286 (2013)[LINK]

Visualization of counter-current convection induced by microbubbles and small particles
A.Kitagawa, T. Mimura, M. Ishikawa, Y.Murai
Journal of Visualization, Vol. 16, pp. 313-321 (2013)[LINK]

Story visualization of novels with multi-theme keyword density analysis
M.Yamada, Y.Murai, I.Kumagai(可視化情報学会技術賞受賞)
Journal of Visualization, Vol. 16, pp.247-257[LINK]

Quantitative visualization of microbubble streams in Taylor vortices
T.Watamura, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Japan, Vol. 61, pp.123-131(2013)

日本機械学会論文集 B編, Vol. 79, No. 800, pp.701-711(2013)[LINK]

日本機械学会論文集 B編, Vol. 79, No. 801, pp. 966-979 (2013)[LINK]

日本機械学会論文集 B編, Vol. 79, No. 797, pp. 1-11(2013)[LINK]


Flow visualization around a hydrofoil close to a free surface
I.Kumagai, T.Kushida, K.Oyabu, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai
Visualization of Mechanical Processes, Vol. 3, No.i3-120, pp.1-7 (2012)

日本機械学会論文集 B編, 78-793, pp. 1539-1549 (2012.9)[LINK]

混相流, Vol. 25, No. 5, pp.399-405 (2012)

船舶のCO2 排出削減へ向けた翼型気泡発生装置の最適化
日本機械学会論文集 B編,78-787, pp.500-503 (2012)[LINK]

Bubble generation by a cylinder moving beneath a free surface
I.Kumagai, Y.Murai, Y.Tasaka, N.Nakamura
JSME Journal of Fluid Science and Technology, Vol. 6, pp.2152-2159(2011)[LINK]

宮城島圭人,渡村友昭,田坂裕司,熊谷一郎, 村井祐一
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熊谷一郎,村井祐一,栗田 敬
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Experimental study of cell transition induced by internal heat sources in a shallow fluid layer
J.Takahashi, Y.Tasaka, Y.Murai, Y.Takeda, T.Yanagisawa
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 53, pp. 1483-1490 (2010)(LINK)

Interactive flow field around two Savonius turbines
A.Shigetomi, Y.Murai, Y.Tasaka, Y.Takeda
Renewable Energy, Vol. 36, pp. 536-545 (2010)(LINK)

Ultrasonic detection of moving interfaces in gas-liquid two-phase flow
Y.Murai, Y.Tasaka, Y.Nambu, Y.Takeda, S.R.Gonzalez
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, Vol. 21, pp. 356-366(2010)(LINK)

Stereoscopic story visualization in literary works demonstrated by Shakespeare's plays
M. Yamada and Y.Murai
Journal of Visualization, Springer, Vol. 13, pp.355-363 (2010)(LINK)

村井祐一,田坂裕司,田中大樹,武田 靖,竹内寛貴
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渡村友昭,田坂裕司,村井祐一,武田 靖
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Flowmetering of natural gas pipelines by tracer gas pulse injection (日本ガス協会論文賞)
T. Takeuchi, Y.Murai
Measurement Science and Technology, Vol.21(2009) No.015402(LINK)

Development of ultrasonic void fraction profiler
Y.Murai, S.Ohta, A.Shigetomi, Y.Tasaka, Y.Takeda (混相流学会技術賞受賞)
Measurement Science and Technology, Vol. 20, (2009) No.114003(LINK)

Story Visualization of Literary Works - How a computer reads Shakespeare’s plays -
M. Yamada, Y.Murai
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Visualization of transient interfacial waves induced by spin-up of two immiscible fluid layers
S.Fujimoto, Y.Murai, Y.Tasaka, Y.Takeda
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Quadrant analysis of bubble induced velocity fluctuation in a transitional boundary layer
J.Huang, Y.Murai, F.Yamamoto
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Ultrasound based gas-liquid interface detection in gas-liquid two phase flows
S. Roberto Gonzalez, Y.Murai, Y.Takeda
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Frictional Drag Reduction by Wavy Advection of Deformable Bubbles
Y.Oishi, Y.Murai, Y.Tasaka, Y.Takeda
Journal of Physics Conference Series, Vol. 147, No.012020, pp.1-14 (2009)

太田翔子, 繁富啓詞, 田坂裕司, 村井祐一, 武田 靖, 日夏宗彦
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神田哲志,村井祐一,田坂裕司,武田 靖,手塚英昭,森 治嗣
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Frictional drag reduction in bubbly Couette-Taylor flow
Y.Murai, H.Oiwa, Y.Takeda
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Increase of Effective Viscosity in Bubbly Liquids from Transient Bubble Deformation
Y.Murai, H.Oiwa
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Particle tracking velocimetry applied for fireworks - A demonstration of vector field measurement in hundreds meter space -
Y.Murai, Y.Oishi, Y.Tasaka and Y.Takeda
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Shallow DOF-based particle tracking velocimetry applied to horizontal bubbly wall turbulence
J.Huang, Y.Murai, F.Yamamoto
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PIV study on buoyant bubble flows in a small electrolytic cell
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Skin Friction Reduction by Large Air Bubbles in a Horizontal Channel Flow
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